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Modeling and mapping tools

This is a living document with tools I find useful for modeling and mapping.

Wardley maps – gives a broad pitcure, overview; mapping user needs we want to address and the underlying components needed to fulfill those needs, each need has it’s own needs and we can show abstract or more detailed levels to understand what the whole system needs – example – a city , roads, electricity, water, etc.. or zoomed in on a smaller thing,

this is a good start to talk around with investors and partners, and to understand if this is something you really want to do (is it worth it, can you buy it, are there to many competitors)

David (Dave) West’s (has, is, can have..) diagram – gives an abstract but connected, and if wanted, detailed map of connected parts in a complex system (f ex. Ultra Large Scale Adaptive Complex Systems) – this gives a good overview of needs for different parts of the system. (todo: add example here)

Adam Dymitruk – Event Modeling – a blueprint tool to map out what needs to happen in the system on different levels , visualizing user roles and different supporting services needed – and how they are interconnected with business events.

David Snowden – Synefin – to position your problem space and solution space on a levels of complexity and uncertainty (some overlap with Wardley maps)