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Sjukvårdssystem, idéer med människan i fokus

Ett utkast från våren 2020 på ett embryo till ett journalsystem för svensk sjukvård med några av de viktiga kopplingarna jag ser i samspelet mellan patienten och vårdsystemet i stort. (Skissen innehåller även ett embryo på ett schemaläggningssystem; med ”AI” optimerat flöde av lokaler, utrustning, personal och patienter) Det här är något som funnits i […]

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C# dotnet standard and .Net Framework causing MissingMethodException in mscorlib

Brief The Aspose.Email library is used to build emails and send using SMTP. reason for using Aspose at first is that the project have the Aspose.Total license, including Email, and other Aspose libraries used for handling documents. The Solution structure and implementation of Aspose.Email ”EmailProcessor” a dotnet standard 2.0 Library implementing Aspose.Email ”EmailProcessor.Test” a dotnet […]

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What I talk about When I talk about software development (part 1)

A Brief of My Thoughts and Beliefs regarding development of software – and other things. January 2020, a winter resembling a mix of late autumn and early spring (stretching February – why is it so hard to finish this article? 😊Finishing off, end of August, it was a long summer “holiday”, and now the need […]

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Modeling and mapping tools

This is a living document with tools I find useful for modeling and mapping. Wardley maps – gives a broad pitcure, overview; mapping user needs we want to address and the underlying components needed to fulfill those needs, each need has it’s own needs and we can show abstract or more detailed levels to understand […]

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Why Maps? Why Wardley Maps?

Why (Wardley) Maps? In short; because if you have a map you have a context and it gives you situational awareness – without a map to navigate your business, or personal, goals you are probably walking in a dark room with the light of a matchstick – with a map you are walking in the […]

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Commands and commandHandlers

CQRS and Event sourcing – Resources When looking at this video walk-through of OAuth Event Modeling in Go by Jamie there was a question about how to handle commands without the need of switches over the command types. So my reply on that got a little longer and thought I would share the resources I […]

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EventStore(DB) Getting Started

https://github.com/JimiSweden/eventstore-getting-started Here is the repository for my getting started project following the guide from eventstore.com To be continued… Eventually

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Brick by brick

Brick by brick, piece by piece, part by part – anything an object? anything an event? What if.. you did lay out the bricks in a good way, to support the small house you started to build, but then decided you should widen your house, or perhaps make it taller, and just started over – […]