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Modeling and mapping tools

This is a living document with tools I find useful for modeling and mapping. Wardley maps – gives a broad pitcure, overview; mapping user needs we want to address and the underlying components needed to fulfill those needs, each need has it’s own needs and we can show abstract or more detailed levels to understand […]


Wardley Mapping – resources

Resources ~note, this page will be continuously updated ~ This is a reference page for Information, notes, links to tools and articles recommended for learning and using Wardley Maps The At WardleMaps now on LEF http://www.wardleymaps.com/ >(https://leadingedgeforum.com/advisory/wardley-mapping/) A highly recommended section is the research and as an example this one ”A Glimpse of the Post-Corona […]

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Why Maps? Why Wardley Maps?

Why (Wardley) Maps? In short; because if you have a map you have a context and it gives you situational awareness – without a map to navigate your business, or personal, goals you are probably walking in a dark room with the light of a matchstick – with a map you are walking in the […]