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Återblick, Utblick, då och nu och vad som komma skall.

Återblick, Utblick, då och nu och vad som komma skall. ” by referral only” Då; När jag gick igenom mina länkar i min profil på LinkedIn läste jag igenom min bloggserie i .NET Core  jag skrev 2017 under min tid på Agero när dotnet core var nytt. (Känner mig stolt över hur bra jag tycker […]

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Tools and thoughts on Growth and Passion for individuals, teams and organizations

(3 related links, aligning on a purpose of joyful life and work) I just read this highly Recommended article, with a team exercise, by Viktor Cessan, on how to help the individual team members (you included), achieving and finding direction for their personal growth by including the whole team in the discovery process. Also aiming […]

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What I talk about When I talk about software development (part 1)

A Brief of My Thoughts and Beliefs regarding development of software – and other things. January 2020, a winter resembling a mix of late autumn and early spring (stretching February – why is it so hard to finish this article? 😊Finishing off, end of August, it was a long summer “holiday”, and now the need […]

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How do You keep focused when working (at home)?

As always, not just in the ”strange” time of now,I start my morning with I writing down my dreams if I remember any, then write my thoughts arriving just before and just after getting up, then write what I should do today (work and other).To wake up the body I do a short (15-30 minutes) […]