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Tools and thoughts on Growth and Passion for individuals, teams and organizations

(3 related links, aligning on a purpose of joyful life and work)

I just read this highly Recommended article, with a team exercise, by Viktor Cessan, on how to help the individual team members (you included), achieving and finding direction for their personal growth by including the whole team in the discovery process. Also aiming to make the team and organization evolve. 

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The missing dimension in the traditional approach is team’s context i.e. its challenges, growth areas, and goals (short and long term). Teams that seriously consider and let those aspects influence individual goals, outperform teams that define individual goals in isolation of context.

~Viktor Cessan ~

This article made me think of #IKIGAI (how to align passion, mission, vocation and profession), described in short here https://savvytokyo.com/ikigai-japanese-concept-finding-purpose-life/ , in a longer inspiring video with passion and students https://youtu.be/G2SqqjRn_c0

and made me realize… I think IKIGAI is a great tool to apply to teams as well as on organizational level, I haven’t tried it yet but will do.

And in this context I can’t avoid to add, if you haven’t already stumbled upon Simon Sineks ”Find your Why & Start with why” , you should 😉 – https://youtu.be/u4ZoJKF_VuA 

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