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Money, Mind, Body, Energy – Economics of Life and Habits 101

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Money, Mind, Body, Energy – Economics of Life and Habits 101

Economics is quite simple on a basic level. Its about input and output leading to the current balance.

Money; If you add money to your account the sum grows. If you take money from your account the sum shrink.

Mind; If you add valuable knowledge and meaningful experiences your mind, awareness and creativity grows.

If you add noice and distractions (unnecessary knowledge and experience such as mainstream news, numbing netflix series, let your focus follow internet trolls or being one) your awarenes and creativity shrinks; and with that your mind shrink (i.e. grows in unwanted areas).

Body; If you add movement (i.e. coordination, exercise for strength and stamina), good fuel (i.e food) your body ”grows” in the sense of becoming healthier and stronger; and as a side effect it also boost your minds ability to grow and your self-esteem.

If you remove movement and good fuel your bodys economy ”shrink”; and as a side effect lower your self-esteem and your minds ability to grow, probably your mind deteriorate.

Life Energy; Energy is perhaps the most important thing you can and should control, but also least understood by people in a broad context.

If you add good energy to your life (e.g. feelings, fuel, strength, creativity, awareness, nice people giving energy, fun and meaningful ”work”, play, experience) your life energy grows.

If you add bad energy (bad fuel, people taking energy, boring tasks, to much work without purpose etc. your life energy ”shrink”. 

While all of the economics above are important and affect eachother in a complex web of many two-way connections, I believe awareness and clarity from inside out about what makes you tick and what makes you stop, and thus an understanding of what gives You energy and what eats Your energy, is a critical part to grow as a human.

Therefore I recommend that You create an ”Energy Balance sheet” (you can create a similar for all of the economics mentioned and whatever other things you can imagine).

[Todo: Create example here..]

In money most people are somewhat aware of the compounding effect of interest rates. However, this compounding effect also works for your other economics of life. It all grows exponentially, really slow in the beginning and faster the longer you ”save”, however in some things like f ex your muscles strength and stamina there are plateaus – where you don’t see new quick results.

If you don’t use it You lose it…